Poetry pessimist

Mr. Leithart gives a slew of reasons why he thinks poetry has a steep climb for its revival in society.

But I tend to throw a wet blanket on efforts to revive poetry, because I think the sociological and cultural factors stacked against poetry are vast. … To revive poetry, we’d have to have a major overhaul not only in reading habits and expectations, but also in the technology and education.

Five reasons he gives, to be exact. I share his pessimism. I doubt poetry will become a major art. It’s like the theater in most places, lots and lots of media attention, — like the front-page blurb I saw today at a newspaper stand — but go to a play and you’ll be one of a few. (I don’t go to theater; here it’s totally immoral.)

So why do I write poetry?

Because I must.

And one can always hope against hope.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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