Let Poetry Take the World by Storm

Nobody inserts a hashtag when they write in #prose. So why should we do it for #poetry?

Let poetry take the world by storm,
Until it becomes the speaking norm
Beside the staid and stuffy prose—
Let’s give another name to the rose!

We’ll speak like Seuss, in rhythm and rhyme,
‘Cause prose is old, it’s past its prime!
The world is better with solid verse—
It can’t, it won’t, make anything worse!

To speak in poems you’ll stop and think,
So no more blurting out loud, in a blink!
With stinky prose, you’re unprepared
And all your mistakes are promptly aired!

So move to rhyme, and reason will win,
And so will love — just give it a spin;
In no time at all, with verse you’ll see,
It pays to speak in poetry.

Copyright © 2015 J. Randal Matheny. But you can read and speak it all you want. And maybe put it in print, if you ask nicely — and subscribe to my world-famous posts.

J. Randal Matheny

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