Cloudburst Poetry: In Wings and Walls

by J. Randal Matheny, © 2012, Cloudburst Poetry

In wings and walls fine cracks appear,
In time grow weak the hands and feet;
The wear and wrinkles spread by year,
And dangers breed within the street.

The world is winding down as well,
Its groans portend its slow demise;
Its plates go sliding into hell,
As oceans boil, creation dies.

The faithless scorn the signs of stress,
Proclaim that human muscle grows,
In face of failure, tout success,
Ignore what every student knows.

Though death and downfall hover near,
And mountains shake, the masses stay
Their petty course, from pounding fear,
Refusing to seek their God and pray.

Of man a remnant God will save:
Those who for his justice strive
Will not descend to Satan’s grave —
By heaven’s hand will I survive.

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4 Replies to “Cloudburst Poetry: In Wings and Walls”

    1. Methinks the very controlled meter contrasts with the gradual but uncontrolled dissolution of creation. Anyway, thanks muchly.

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