UPLift: With Love

With Love

by J. Randal Matheny © 2015

With love the world’s a better place,
With love we paint our days with grace,
And finish strong the grueling race —
With love we stay together.

With love our deepest needs are met,
With love we pay our largest debt,
And blessings fill our breaking net —
With love the burden’s a feather.

With love we see the loving motion,
With love we give our pure devotion,
We brave the squalls and sail the ocean —
With love the worst we weather.

With love we live eternal Spring,
With love our children learn to sing,
Our highest hopes and dreams take wing —
With love is our time to gather.

Tuesday evening before bedtime, I was listening to Johnny Cash on YouTube. One song in particular caught my attention, “Without Love.” As I prepared for bed, I wondered what some song lyrics might sound like with the title, “With Love.”

I went to bed and stayed awake for more than an hour with that question in mind. Lines began to appear. But I didn’t get up, as I should have, and write anything down.

So this poem is next-day product, some of which was from the dark of the night, and some of it from the light of day.

BTW, you’re welcome to reproduce this in print, as long as attribution is given and the site link provided. On the Internet, please don’t reproduce it. A link is appreciated, however.


J. Randal Matheny

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