Old poem: Why Can’t They Get Along?

I found this little poem done in 2002 for daughter Leila, when she was nine.

Here’s a little verse I wrote for my daughter Leila, age 9. Some of the other kids might like it, too.

Why Can’t They Get Along?
by Randal Matheny

She likes red, but he likes blue,
They don’t see eye to eye;
She said “Eek!” when he said “Boo!”
It’s “Hi!” when one says “Bye.”

Cat and dog, day and night,
Why can’t they get along?
They both decided they’re always right,
The other is always wrong!

Copyright © 2002, J. Randal Matheny

I found it here on the old Country Families forum on greenspun.com.

J. Randal Matheny

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