The Way Back (For the Fallen and Estranged)

By J. Randal Matheny © 2015

To be a child again,
Relive the days of old,
To right a thousand wrongs,
There is no going back.

But there remains a way
To undo the hands of time:
Find God whom you forgot,
Return to Jesus’ fold.

The hurts can be released,
Great fears reduced to size,
And love find fertile ground,
When laid at Calvary’s cross.

The first small step is hard,
The shrunken will is weak,
But ask the Lord for help —
“I want to want again.”

God lends his perfect will,
Injects his boundless power,
And purifies the soul
That cries and looks to him.

Go now, go back, full on,
Find change as you repent,
The door is open wide,
Into the arms of God.


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