The World Is Tilted Toward the Absurd

by J. Randal Matheny © 2015

The world is tilted toward the absurd,
Where soldiers cannot bear their arms,
Divergent voices can’t be heard,
And porous borders don’t raise alarms.

In this twisted world, crime is forgiven,
On the death of children are taxes spent;
By liberal bias is media driven,
On filth and strife fools are bent.

Upon its own people government spies,
While hiding secrets of hurtful deals,
Fomenting riots, betraying allies,
Undermining the country’s ideals.

Of such the kingdoms of men are made,
But the rule of God is just and fair;
Here mercy reigns, with perfect aid,
In Christ saints thrive, for power is prayer.

The eyes of the Lord see evil and good,
Both lion and lamb lie down in peace;
The coin of the realm is Jesus’ blood,
That makes men’s wars and strivings cease.

The heavenly purpose is open to all,
The plan of God is fully revealed:
To the table of blessing disciples call,
Each heart by the Holy Spirit sealed.

J. Randal Matheny

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