Poem: The Powers that Be

Cloudburst time again. Today I’m a day late and who knows how many dollars short.

But that doesn’t keep us from offering “The Powers that Be,” a 7-line shorty that expresses confidence in the power of God.

Man stands in awe before the forces of creation (what some call “Nature”). He wilts often enough under the pressures that others bring upon him.

While I say it in a more poetic way, and with less bravado, my point in the poem is, “Bring it on!”

I’ve witnessed and been the focus of the exercise of some of that power lately, and it really doesn’t edify to go into details, but this was a comforting thought for me to hold.

Today, my favorite again, iambic tetrameter, this time in ABABABA scheme.

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J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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