Cloudburst: Such a One (read the first stanza here)

Last night, several people were down, unhappy, even grumbling a bit, as they arrived for our mid-week Bible reading here at our house. For one, a friend had died earlier in the day from a battle with cancer. Another had problems in a relationship. The presidential election did not go as most expected, and great uncertainty reigns as the reelected socialist president promises to give her attention to urgent political reforms.

So I changed the reading and format of our meeting.

We read one verse, James 5.13. Comments on it lasted for 10-15 minutes.

Then we sang the rest of the time, mostly from suggestions from the group.

A complementary truth to James 5.13 is that a song can also cheer us up by pointing us to the power and goodness of God. And that is what we did.

After everyone had left, seemingly in better spirits, the verse was still ringing in my ears. That ringing found its way into a stanza. It was going to be the only one. But then two more appeared. And all three went this morning to the Cloudburst Poetry list.

Why not include all three below? That’s answered here.

Here’s the first stanza for you, of “Such a One”:

Is anyone sad? Then let him pray,
And give to God his worried load;
Let joy sing loud along the way,
With praise for Christ who paved the road.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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