A Steady Servant

by J. Randal Matheny © 2015

In life and labor he did his best,
And left to the Lord of grace the rest,
A man who believed in right and wrong,
And willing to work, though the day was long.

Unwavering faith was his in God,
And in the powerful Word, unflawed;
Early to meet with the church he went,
He never missed a gospel event.

He knew what it meant to put God first,
In Bible truth and God’s will well versed;
No preacher nor elder nor deacon was he,
But a steady servant with a heavenly key.

This poem was published last week in the funeral-home handout. I sent it to the closed Cloudburst list then also, but decided to share it generally today.

I used a simple AABB rhyme scheme, since the poem would be put in the hands of people who are not normally readers of poetry. I’ve also written about my dad here and here.

The funeral home provided the family a beautiful tapestry with Dad’s photo (see last link, above). They wove the last line of the poem into the tapestry. Mike Brooks read it at graveside, also.


J. Randal Matheny

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