The Lord welcomes us as we are, where we are, with our questions and doubts. And he has an answer for every question, a comfort for every doubt. So says this UPLift poem.


by J. Randal Matheny

Where goes this door, Lord? I cannot see!
It opens to growth and glory — have faith in Me.

Why so much pain, Lord? The hurt is great!
To make you holy, child; bear up and wait.

Why does the powerful gospel spread so slow?
It takes the mighty oak an age to grow.

But, Lord, why spare this world of wickedness?
A day to preach, a sinner to confess.

When will our Lord return? The hour has passed!
Prepare! The day I choose is coming fast.

What sign have I to avoid eternal loss?
The guarantee of grace upon a cross.

What if they throw me out because of sin?
My child, my child! It’s I who’ll let you in!

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