Cloudburst: The Rounded Poodle

Yes, I actually saw this scene this morning, while I was out and about, a lady rounding the corner of the street, on the sidewalk, with her poodle ahead of her. She needed no leash. The pooch wasn’t going anywhere with any speed. He was as wide as he was long.

The dog owner didn’t say the phrase contained in the poem, of course. It’s a stock phrase often said of dogs and children, so I felt justified by its inclusion, an interruption to the thought that underscores my imaginary description of the owner’s character.

Now I’ll probably offend half the world with this subject matter of pets and owners. Some folk are more sensitive about their pets than their children, perhaps because they can more successfully project their personal expectations and images upon animals than upon humans, no matter how small the tykes. Part of the reason that owners and pets tend to look alike, perhaps?

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J. Randal Matheny

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