UPLift: What Perfect Worlds Did God Ordain

by yours truly © 2015

What perfect worlds did God ordain,
With water, earth, and moving air,
The sun to shine, and falling rain,
The tree-lined glade, to meet us there.

In heavenly realms are blessings found,
In Christ the precious treasures stored;
His people hear angelic sound,
And worshipers strike the praise’s chord.

From Eden man was turned away,
God cursed the serpent, Adam, and Eve;
The groaning earth, on judgment day,
Will cease, and cares will God relieve.

Again will rise that perfect land,
The Lord upon his glorious throne,
Fulfilled what God ere time had planned,
Where none will ever be alone.

This is an UPLift offering, composed 2015 Jun 8.

J. Randal Matheny

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