by J. Randal Matheny © 2014

In heaven, all the time, is perfect weather,
No storms or floods, cold snaps, heat waves,
The sea is still, and no tsunamis run,
No need to hide and hunker in dark tornado
Shelters; umbrella sales will plummet —
Rain coats? Galoshes? Winter clothes? No thanks!
Year-round, the foursquare city is climate controlled.
What relief from global warming, climate change,
Environmentalists, climatologists, weather men!
The resurrected body will enjoy
The constant temp, ideal humidity.
In heaven, weather will never be a topic
Of conversation. Better things there’ll be
To talk about: the ever-present God,
The Lamb turned Lion, and saints in constant praise —
Perhaps, the hidden hand of God that worked
In quiet providence, protecting the faithful.
More interesting than gathering, threatening clouds
Will be the times of rescue when
We never dreamed we ran a risk of life
Or limb or faith or face. We’ll laugh at minor
Topics discussed on earth, and how we danced
Around eternal themes. “Will it rain today?”

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