Cloudburst: Take Note

The UPLift poem this week was a day late. This Cloudburst verse is a day early, so the two of them meet here today on the site.

I’m sending this one early, because I travel tomorrow to speak at the Northeast Christian Lectureship (Congresso cristão do nordeste). I’ll return, Lord willing, late Monday night. That means you’ll likely not hear from me until sometime next week. (No cheering, please.)

“Take Note” is the title of today’s piece (and not a heads-up about my trip), six stanzas in that old common meter. Sorry, but it does pop up in my writings, worn as it may be.

Again, no actual poem here, which is exclusive to the email list. See more at this link. If you’re really hankering to read today’s piece, send me your email below.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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