Cloudburst Poem: No Knights in Shining Armor Ride

Today’s poem was prompted by a quotation that dropped this morning into my inbox.

There will be no “knights in shining armor” in God’s kingdom; our armor will have many dings and dents. No, no perfect Hollywood heroes will ride to save the day; just wearied saints to look to God and, in weakness, find Christ’s strength. This, indeed, is the essence of God’s kingdom: divine greatness manifest in common people. –Francis Frangipane

So off I went on another battle-themed poem, whose first stanza goes thus:

No knights in shining armor ride
Pale steeds across a broken plain,
With nary a pause, nor break in stride,
Who win without a sweat or stain.

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But back to the poem. Scripture is replete with military language used figuratively for the Christian faith. In spite of some groups’ cautions about using it in light of the West’s conflict with Islamic terrorists, it continues to contain important truths for God’s saints, like the poem’s point today, that no one remains above the battle, but all are engaged in the struggle for righteousness and salvation. Even our Leader.

J. Randal Matheny

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