Cloudburst: U.S. vs. Kim Davis

By J. Randal Matheny © 2015

Express no faith in the public square —
Keep silent! — Scrape the spirit bare,
So only flesh and the base appear —
Make every Christian cower in fear.

Prepare your faith for prison bars —
The law is set, this world is ours —
Of God in heaven, forbidden songs —
To a prince of war the nation belongs.

UPLift Poetry is supposed to be upbeat, so I didn’t place this piece in that category. Cloudburst still lies upon its sickbed, so it gets an IV drip here.

The poem is self-explanatory, I hope. Some poets and critics might take that to be a sign of inferior work. You judge.

Please don’t reproduce this elsewhere on the Internet. A link works great. For print, feel free to use it with full attributions and a note back to me, if you would please.

Brazilians are talking about leaving the country because of the bad economy and political scandals. A neighbor is making plans to do it. Americans have lost their country, and if they don’t want to jump ship, they’d better hunker down for some stormy weather.

Today, faith is a liability for personal safety and security, but who will jettison this eternal legacy for a temporary respite?


J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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