UPLift: God’s Keys

by J. Randal Matheny © 2014

I bowed my head to pray today,
And felt my worries melt away;
I put my fears in the Father’s hands,
And trusted my future to his wise plans.

I read today from the Spirit’s word,
To heed the truths the ancients heard,
To obey commands of eternal life,
And find his peace from inner strife.

Today with the faithful saints I met,
And found examples for the goal I’d set;
In the body of Christ I took my place,
To be a vessel of heavenly grace.

Till Jesus comes, yes, every day,
I’ll meet and read and fervently pray:
In church, in prayer, in the Bible’s pages,
Are found God’s keys for all the ages.

The article title stared at me from the Missus’s reading pile, opened to the article’s page in Christian Woman magazine. Every time I’d see it, the perfect meter rang in my ear. Finally, after several sightings of it, I sat down at the couch, laptop propped on the arm, and in about 30 minutes the work of art you just read came forth from the creator’s mind, using the article title for the first line.

Its simple AABB rhyme scheme underscores the simplicity of life in Christ and of the divine keys for serving and growing in the Spirit.


J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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