Poem: Hospitality

This Cloudburst item was hiding in the closet.

Or to be more precise, in my Alphasmart Neo. I pulled everything off it this morning, since my batteries, after some two years, were getting low, and I was afraid of losing stuff. Don’t think text will be saved when batteries go.

So several unfinish poems were hiding in F8. This one lacked part of a line, so I did a bit of polishing and finishing, and here it is.

First stanza of three, of poem “Hospitality”:

God who loves within himself,
Your glory shines within, without;
Among your little ones, divine
Effulgence flows from heart to heart.

Seems I’m getting a fixation for the tetrameter, so I may need to stretch myself there. No rhyme scheme this time, but perhaps the close meter will keep you from noticing.

It’s been some weeks, perhaps months, since this poem was begun. So I haven’t much idea of the motivations of the moment which prompted it.

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J. Randal Matheny

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