UPLift: Go Forward!

by J. Randal Matheny © 2014

Go forward! March away from the past,
To future possibilities,
To love and peace and joy that last,
Toward God who made the seven seas.

Go forward! Chase your greatest dreams
Of losing hurt, of lands where flows
The power of healing, of purer streams
From God who gave the thorn and rose.

Go forward! Run with all your might,
Embrace the good, bear pleasant fruit,
Spread warming grace, reach for the height
Of God who harvests from the root.

Go forward! Worlds and empires burn,
The masses want to be entertained,
But you! You are called to yearn
For God whose power remains unchained.

Go forward! Charge past time and space
To enter a rare, eternal realm,
Where live the souls of glorified face
And God who guides with hand and helm.

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J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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