Cloudburst: How Deaf the Ear

Early this week, for a change. Some change is good, no?

Twelve lines of iambic pentameter in the old standard AA-BB-CC etc., rhyme scheme, so instead of a stanza, here are the first four lines to my poem today for Cloudburst Poetry:

How Deaf the Ear

Where they will, the winds move to and fro,
We know not whence they come nor where they blow.
So little the eye can see, and less perceive,
How deaf the ear to sounds of eternity!

The first two lines echo Jesus’s words to Nicodemus in John 3. And the next-to-last lines quote Peter’s confession at Jesus’ feet when he sees the miracle of the net full of fish. The last word plays off the Greek term which can mean both “wind” and “spirit.”

If you want to read the rest of the poem, as a shameful non-member of the email list (privileged few who receive the entire poems, and all of them, for free), just ask!

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

2 thoughts on “Cloudburst: How Deaf the Ear

  1. One of your best! The first stanza is powerful and brings an anointing through just the reading.

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