UPLift: What Cheerful Word

by J. Randal Matheny © 2015

What cheerful word, what charm of love?
Who’ll ring the tones of the righteous God
And the deeds of saints? The daily food
To revive our hearts and fill our souls?
What truths of God can entrance the mind?

Not once, nor twice, but every hour,
Recount for us the crown of glory,
The faith of Abram, the fear of Isaac,
The rocks of David, the race of Paul,
The breath of Christ, the breaking of tombs.

Open the pages of ancient days,
The holy word of the hand of God,
Shield of Israel, sure and shining
Light in the weary land of loss,
The oath of the Lord for all the people.

For every step toward eternal life,
Let grace be alive through gospel news,
Saving men for songs of victory,
The kiss of peace, kindness abounding,
Our ears attuned for angels’ shouts.

This was written 28 June, but just now seeing light. It seemed to be good to publish on a Sunday, though any day of the week would be good for it. The shape of five-line stanzas is a bit unusual for me, but the alliterative style you’ll recognize as a favorite of mine.


J. Randal Matheny

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