In our neighborhood, we are privileged to live next to a large green area and small woods. The grass needs to be cut in the green area, and an employee of the neighborhood uses a hand-held cutter, what I used to call a weed-eater. So that’s what we heard this fine Spring morning, just over our side wall, and the whirr-buzz of his machine inspired today’s poem.

Here’s the first stanza:


4 thoughts on “Cloudburst: The Cutting Buzz and Whizz

  1. So strange to hear someone talk of Spring as we descend into these frigid temps! Great lines. Enjoyed them 🙂

    • Hayfever time here, if that’s your suffering. I think it strange to hear talk of snow and cold. 🙂 Thanks.

      • Yuk. Winter is my favorite season in that regard, as allergy problems are at a minimum. Then, however, severely dry skin aggravates my other dermatological issues. But who wants to hear about MY problems???? haha

        • Sounds like you can’t win for losing, when it comes to the seasons. Only danger I face is dehydration. And maybe sweaty brow and smelly armpits.

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