Cloudburst: The Cutting Buzz and Whizz

In our neighborhood, we are privileged to live next to a large green area and small woods. The grass needs to be cut in the green area, and an employee of the neighborhood uses a hand-held cutter, what I used to call a weed-eater. So that’s what we heard this fine Spring morning, just over our side wall, and the whirr-buzz of his machine inspired today’s poem.

Here’s the first stanza:


4 Replies to “Cloudburst: The Cutting Buzz and Whizz”

      1. Yuk. Winter is my favorite season in that regard, as allergy problems are at a minimum. Then, however, severely dry skin aggravates my other dermatological issues. But who wants to hear about MY problems???? haha

        1. Sounds like you can’t win for losing, when it comes to the seasons. Only danger I face is dehydration. And maybe sweaty brow and smelly armpits.

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