UPLift: To God Belong

To God belong the victor’s song
And strength of arm and eye;
The work and will for vale and hill
Come from a Throne on high.

Salvation, then, is worked by men,
God gives the call to obey;
We can submit to holy Writ,
And walk the length of the way.

With no excuse from heaven to loose
The least of God’s command,
We live the light by daily fight,
And on the truth we stand.

Not bulls and goats with slitted throats
Can cleanse a distant soul,
But Jesus’ blood from Calvary’s flood
Can make a sinner whole.

I-AM can save, and from the grave
Raise men both small and great;
In Christ we rest, and go well dressed
With robes of righteous weight.

—J. Randal Matheny, UPLift Positive Living

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

3 thoughts on “UPLift: To God Belong

  1. As a poem, I like it. But, “Salvation, then, is worked by men,” is too strong a statement. The partnered idea, “God gives the call to obey,” is definitely true and a valid theme as you present it. But stating flat out that salvation is worked by men will cause the point to be rejected by most of the religious world before it is even fully stated. And the sentiment that we must accept that there are things God expects us to do does need to be heard.

    1. Hi, Gary, thanks for your comment. As you probably recognized, that line reflects Php 2.12, but for sake of meter the “out” got left out and may give a different idea. I’ll take another look at it.

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