Pleased with FMag

Richard Mansel reminded me whence it has come.

Forthright Magazine started in a lonely corner of the Internet back in the 90s. Perhaps because I was losing my English and needed practice, perhaps because I have ink for blood and and my fingers twitch on an imaginary keyboard in my sleep, like dogs’ legs as they lie dormant.

I wrote and declared that plot to be a garden of sweet offerings to the Lord with neat and clean rows free of nefarious influence.

Then came first and longest-running columnist Barry, faithful soul that he is, who in the midst of his treks from continent to continent and coast to coast, has continued to write.

From there more joined, and my invitation to Barbara was the first step in what has become a rich and solid partnership, a friendship in trials and victories.

Richard is the odd man of the bunch. He weaseled his way in. Presented himself, proposed writing for the mag. We didn’t have to go after him. He came to us, gift of God falling from heaven.With his steadiness, we kept bumping him up the ladder.

As of last month, we reached exactly 100 countries around the world. We have 824 subscribers to our email list, and thousands of visitors to the website.

All this basically at no cost. Through Kevin Cauley’s mediation the Berryville, Ark., church offered webspace on their server, and they continue with their gracious hosting. We use a free hosting service for our email list, which has proved to be a blessing as well.

Yes, we are pleased with the ezine, grateful that the Lord has breathed upon it with his blessing and nudged it along with his patient hand.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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