Places and Spots and Motions

An online devotional started out by saying,

Weekly church attendance gives you a designated time to worship God. This is fulfilling the greatest commandment to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind.

True that, as far as it goes. (I’m not a fan of the phrase “weekly church attendance,” but we’ll let it slide.)

And also fulfilling in part the second greatest commandment, as well as fulfilling the great purpose for which the Christian obeyed the truth in order to purify his soul (read 1 Peter 1.22).

The meetings (more than weekly!) of the church are not the complete demonstration of the Faith, but they are a very great part of it. In many places, they are little more than ritual. One goes to the Place and sits in one’s Spot and goes through the previously agreed-upon Motions, in such a way that neither the Greatest Commandment nor the Second nor the Great Purpose for Purification are fulfilled.

Often, the Places and Spots and Motions are inhibitors to fulfillment.

The Greatest and Second Commandments and the Great Purpose for Purification must all be fixed firmly in mind in order for the congregation’s meetings to reach their potential.

When saints arrive for a meeting, it is always appropriate to review these three, to ask God to help us fulfill them and to request that he put someone in our path to encourage, edify, and bless.

People today like to talk about mindfulness and intentionality. They are needed in God’s church as well, in order for worship, edification, and love to occur.

Let us go as transmitters of peace and joy. Let smiles and handshakes and hugs be our language. Let words be positive and uplifting. Humility must be our crowns, and service our trademark.

As the quote above says, we need “designated times” for fulfilling God’s commandments and purposes. Of course, all times are opportunities for doing so. But since we live in the Body, act as the Gathered Ones, and walk together in the Way, we need coordinated action and constant consultation.

So there is no substitute for coming together as the Church of God.

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J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

4 thoughts on “Places and Spots and Motions

  1. The greatest truth is in paragraph 5, and the previous paragraph sums up the “Christianity” of so many, which is tragic. I grew up in this mindset, would have described myself as a Christian, but my spirit was more like “Jesus who?” than “Oh How I Love Jesus!” Going through the motions is hollow. Fulfilling Mt. 22:37 and 1Peter 1:22 can’t be done in an hour (or even several) a week; they speak to a total commitment and lifestyle, but when we’re obedient to Hebrews 10:25 with our hearts and spirits open to everything God has for us there – and giving everything we have to Him in worship – those times become one of the most important elements in our walk. (It sounds like I’m getting preachy here – not intentional! Rather these were my thoughts as I read and understood your words.)

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