In the US, a colon separates chapters and verses of the Bible, like this: John 3:16. That how I learned, too. But now I use a period instead of a colon. Why?

  1. That’s the normal way in Brazil, that the versions we use follow. (There are actually three ways of doing it: Catholics use a comma. Pentecostals, like Americans, use a colon. Other evangelicals and Protestants use a period.)
  2. Visually, it looks better. A period provides more white space between the numbers than a colon.
  3. The Brits also use a period. The Brits used to be cool, if not so much any more.
  4. I decided to standardize my practice across languages, and the period was the best candidate.
  5. Typing a period is also easier, one less keystroke, so I gain in time and energy.

Number 5 is the real biggie here. Speed and ease win, hands down.