Our time changed last Saturday night. So we’re three hours ahead of CST, not four. Then when the US changes time, the difference will go down to two hours. This the dance we do twice a year between Brazil and the States.

• No free weekends in March and April, before we travel to the US in May. Our schedules really tightened up on us lately, more so than usual. Plus the Brazilian print magazine to put out monthly, since the latter part of last year. And I’m thinking of starting radio?

• The world is crazy. A Canadian dad was strip-searched and arrested because at school his 4-year-old daughter drew a picture of a gun. There was no gun. I didn’t know Cannucks (is that a bad word for them?) were more paranoid, more nanny-statish than Americans. This from a supposedly sane country that respects citizen rights.

• I’m getting several hymns out there (out there meaning written and published), so I need to figure out a place to list them. Not that they’re enough for a hymnal, mind you, but with possibly more to come, a forgetful soul could misplace links. See my explanation in my Forthright Mag editorial today about the latest two and why they have instruments in them. Yeah, not good, but when you depend on others … I am grateful for what they did for the songs, by producing the audio and sheet music.

• Serendipity: The Missus and I are studying the gospel with a fine young couple. When they had to miss a study, but were able to come to our reading group two days later, I used the opportunity to do the next study in line. So I printed out copies of the study for all the participants and posted the graphic online as well. Even though this study has its own website and the graphic was nothing more than a screen capture, somehow the image seemed to grab people’s attention. Some say they’re using it or will use it in their efforts. Glory to God for unplanned fruit.

• I asked this in the editorial, but you probably didn’t follow the link, so here goes the question: Do you have prayer need that we could serve online? We’re taking another look at a new prayer initiative, so that prayer doesn’t become a second-tier activity.

• Talked to my mom tonight, we’ve been missing each other on skype the last several days. Always good to catch up with family, both nuclear and extended. The experience of accelerated time reminds one how precious family is. And in a bit, time to kiss the grandbaby. Virtual visits aren’t the real thing, but I’m not complaining.

A blessed night to you and yours.


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    • Didn’t know there was such a team. Well, that ought to put any concerns to rest. Thanks!

  1. So far behind in my Google Reader. Been staying offline quite a bit more. Time change means its you’re probably getting ready to get up. Not much to say, other than I love these commentary posts.

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