Brenda Brooks tells me husband Mike returned from Asia this week with back problems and will be doing tests and doctor routine next week. She didn’t say if the problems were a result of something that happened on the field, during the return trip or back at home. He’s confined to bed rest for now, it seems. We pray he improves soon.

Congrats to Richard Mansel for losing pound #41. He’s working hard at it, and we’re proud to accompany his progress. I found a few of those he lost.

Vicki and Leila are doing well at home. We talk almost every day on skype. Lots of renovations going on at our house. We’ve lived there for 12 years or more and have never done anything to the house, and the house was done in very cheap and simple finish. So there’s lots to be done. Installed bathroom cabinets. Grout in showers. Recimented service area and side of house. Fixed water leak. Adjusted kitchen sink counter. Now to build on a small varanda out back and paint. Getting things in order as we face major financial adjustment come second semester of 2010.

I spoke last Sunday night at Gainesville church, where I was baptized in 1971. The Stonewall church did not have a baptistery in its building, so we 10 young people were carted off a few miles south to the Gainesville building. There was one sister at Gainesville this week that remembered me leading singing at Stonewall. A cousin of mom’s attends there also. Mom and Dad accompanied me, and knew a lot of people there. Chad Wagner grew up at Center Hill and his parents also attend there, so it was good to see Chad in kingdom service.

I’ve seen several cousins this trip, from both sides of the family. Sandra and her husband Tim were up from Florida and came by Mom and Dad’s, with her sister Dodty, for a visit. I lunched with Debbie this week, and earlier in my trip saw her sister Pat.

Later, update on where we are in the fund-raising process.

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