The Path to Trust

Wrapped in a worried world of one,
Unworthy, swirling thoughts go deaf
To another mind; accusing doubts
And weighted duties paralyze.

To trust the Lord releases power,
Conveys to peace, allows the ear
To hear and understand a friend,
And frees to serve outside the self.

The path to trust is more than words,
But yielding quiet, surrendered control,
Confession that the Lord will care
For his own, a resting in his promise.

A true belief, this solid rock,
Certain knowledge that here and now
No man can steal our dearest gift —
Our soul with God is most secure.

This trust must be declared to God
And man, aloud, repeated hourly,
A truth that rings ever truer —
He proves his faithful mercy daily.

J. Randal Matheny

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