“Partial obedience is not obedience at all; to single out easy things that do not oppose our lusts, which are not against our reputation, therein some will do more than they need; but our obedience must be universal to all God’s commandments, and that because He commands it. Empty relationships are nothing; if we profess ourselves God’s servants and do not honour Him by our obedience, we take but an empty title.” –Richard Sibbes

It seems this Puritan preacher believed that obedience must be complete or, in his words, “universal.” I had once used his first phrase, “Partial obedience is not obedience at all,” almost in those very words, without being aware that they had also been expressed before, though I should not be surprised at discovering they had, for the Bible teaches that we must obey the Lord in all things.

Today, some want to throw out the need for complete obedience and cover partial obedience with the blanket of grace, which is great to cover any sin and restore us to God, but for jettisoning the truth that full obedience is necessary for salvation, there is no grace to cover such heinous teaching.

What do you think?