Opportune wedding

Saturday, Jan. 10, Elida, a sister in Christ at SJCampos, married Rafael, who is not a Christian.

Yesterday, Rafael and Elida were both at worship together. Before their wedding, he had come with her only rarely. We pray their marriage will signal some interest in the gospel on his part.

At the wedding, as the bride delayed for an hour and a half, I talked at length with our brother Denilson, who became unfaithful last year.

Apparently, from what he said, his aversion to commitments has kept him away. He refuses to go to any other church, because he knows where the truth is being taught.

Denilson is a cousin to Elida. His wife Graça continues to be faithful. They have two adolescent sons, Davison and Denner. He’s at a critical point for the development of their faith.

A couple of months ago, we visited Denilson and family in their home, and he and I talked for a couple of hours about his need to put the Kingdom first.

Please pray this brother will repent and return to the Lord.

J. Randal Matheny

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