Whosoever WillTwo of my children were invited for tests at a modeling agency. But I’ve never been invited. (The kids take after their mother.) To some places some of us will never be invited to enter. But with God it works differently: the door opens for the obedient:

For this is what the LORD says:
“For the eunuchs who observe my Sabbaths
and choose what pleases me
and are faithful to my covenant,
5  I will set up within my temple and my walls a monument
that will be better than sons and daughters.
I will set up a permanent monument for them that will remain.
Isaiah 56:4-5 NET

To those who have hope of nothing, God promises something better than your biggest dreams. And, different from the promises of men, his promises are always kept (Isaiah 55).

What God offers to satisfy us is greater and better than any achievement in this life. The eunuch, who could never have children, might only dream of progeny, but God fills the heart with his presence, making us forget every emptiness that we feel.

No one will be excluded. Under the Jewish system, the physically imperfect could not come before God in the temple. But now all are invited to enjoy his promise to become whole, complete, and happy in his knowledge.


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