Online translators stink

TranslatorPeople have been telling me how much these online translators can help. I figured they must have improved greatly.

So I copied some text from my main Portuguese website, and here’s what I got:

The meeting will finish in the friday, 28 of March to the night with the slap-up meal. Place: Home Bel̩m, Street Admiral Richard Byrd, 260. Mansion of the Bar, Campinas. Telephone: (19) 3252-5458 Price: R$ 160,00 for the entire study (this includes 5 daily with three meals and lodging and an extra meal Рslap-up meal). Please, it does not leave to come for financial reasons. It binds for necessary me if (19)3829-2317. For that to arrive at the Home Bel̩m in Saturday, will be offered to the supper of Saturday and the coffee of the morning and lunch in the sunday. To who to be in the Home since Saturday the afternoon will be added a daily one of R$ 30,00. (It will be more easy and more cheap of the one than to outside eat in restaurants these meals. Beyond the easiness not needing to leave the Home). Brother and sister, are ready for this important study. How God blesses them!

Instead of using an online translator, why not just go ahead and shoot yourself in the foot?

Or go eat one of those slap-up meals.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

What do you think?