Odds and ends of life after one week at home.

I didn’t start back swimming until Wednesday. First day back, I felt like an elephant in the water. Yesterday, I was back up to 1680 meters in the 50-minute class period, but the teacher went light on me. But after two months off, still not a bad mark.

SJCampos won an international ‘Nobel’ prize for road safety in Moscow on the 18th, after cutting traffic deaths 62% in the 2006-09 period. UK Prince Michael of Kent handed over the prize.

hospitalmunicipalBut not all is smooth sailing (forgive the mixed metaphor) in SJCampos. For those who think that national socialized medicine (so-called public option in U.S.) is a good thing, the local TV news station reported that here, in one of Brazil’s better cities, you might wait three years for a surgery. Those who can use private medicine. (Photo: municipal hospital of SJCampos.)

I got a touch of heat rash Thursday from the stifling temperatures. I’ve had worse, but the week has been sizzling. The owner of the office space I rent said he was down on the coast Thursday, and he couldn’t walk in the sand for getting his feet burned. But rains yesterday cooled down our very high temps, today is overcast and the sun has yet to put in an appearance. The air is still, though the fan stirs up a breeze inside. It’s a good day.

Finally, an invitation, which I hope you don’t tire of. Join Mike Riley and me as we share short prayers and requests through Twitter at @unitedprayer.

Oh, and the question people are asking: was your trip to the U.S. successful? Answer: I don’t know yet. Churches are still deliberating. It takes time for such decisions. Perhaps that’s why the Lord put elders (older guys) in the church, to be cautious. I hope in a few months we’ll have some sort of idea about support, which now is going to be piecemeal rather than coming from one major source. This, if it pans out, will be a new experience for us, and mean more travel during our U.S. trips. Panning out or not, no plans call for us to return to the states.

2 thoughts on “One week at home

  1. Randy,

    We may not have been able to do much, but we are grateful you gave us the opportunity to do what we could. The Lord be with you, brother.


  2. Ron, I thank you all for the opportunity to share our work with you and for the help you gave, as well as for your kind hospitality.

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