One sin more

“Lord, often have I thought to myself, I will sin but this one sin more, and then I will repent of it, and of all the rest of my sins together. So foolish was I, and ignorant. As if I should be more able to pay my debts when I owe more: or as if I should say, I will wound my friend once again, and then I will lovingly shake hands with him – but what if my friend will not shake hands with me?” –Thomas Fuller

Human nature remains the same. Sin is the piece of chocolate candy that calls for just one more piece and then I’ll quit. It sets a limit of going just so far and then backing away. It invites for a one-night stand, only you wake up married. These deadly non-game thoughts lead to final loss or, at least, major setbacks and long-term consequences.

Satan devises every sort of mental exercise to weasel around our resistance. How vigilant we must be!

J. Randal Matheny

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