one eternal hopeOne Lord, one faith, one baptism. But what about one hope? It gets short shrift. It shouldn’t, really. In terms of volume, it gets some of the greatest attention.

There is one body and one Spirit, just as you too were called to the one hope of your calling.
Ephesians 4.4 NET

What happens after death? That’s the big question. Does what I do here and now affect my status beyond the grave?

Christ reveals the answers. He makes promises about what he will do for us after our death, if we follow him. See, for example, John 14.1ff.

Belief in his promises leads one to hope for, and expect, a total change of situation in the hereafter. We get a tiny taste of it on earth, but all the suffering, pain, death, and evil will be gone.

The one hope is associated with our calling. We are not called to the limited efforts of a world blind to what lies beyond its surface. We are called to a hope that speaks to every person in every time, for all time.

God above, sweep us up to yourself.

Hold this thought:
Down here, with death, we learn to cope,
Because we have, up there, a hope.


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