One God and the Bible

This article was written in simple English for an international magazine. We’d like to share it here with you.

Only one God exists. There are not many gods. The one true God created the entire universe. He himself is not created, but he created all things. All other things that are called gods are nothing but idols created by man. Human beings should not worship things they have created.

The one God has revealed himself to mankind. He gave his favorite creature free will. This is the ability to choose between different options and to act according to his choices. The first two people created were Adam and Eve. They chose to disobey God. This choice brought death to them and to all mankind as a result.

Today, no one lives according to God’s will. This is sin. Sin is rebellion against God. Sin separates us from God. We need someone to restore us to God’s glorious presence.

God reveals to mankind that he loves his favorite creature. He had decided, even before man’s bad decision, to restore human beings to himself. He created a plan of rescue even before creating the universe. When man sinned, he put that plan into action.

Over time, God has revealed himself as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. They are not three gods, but the one God. They are one in each other. They act in the same direction, have the same nature, demonstrate the same character. The Father planned it all, the Son executed the plan by dying on the Cross, and the Spirit carries forward the mission of proclaiming the gospel and transforming people.

We cannot fix our problem of sin. The Son, Jesus Christ, became a man and died in our place. He took on our punishment. If we follow him as Lord, we may receive him as Savior.

The earth is not eternal. One day God will destroy it and all material creation. This planet serves as our place of decision to believe and obey God or not. Some day God will send the Son back to take his people to heaven to live with him and to send the disobedient to eternal punishment. He has not told us when this will happen. So we must be prepared at all times. That means we must believe the Good News, change our lives, be immersed in water in order to be saved, and serve the Lord faithfully.

This is the message of the Bible.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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  1. Randal, you should put this in tract form. It would be really good to give to someone studying the Bible for the first time (or anyone).

  2. Well, there are different kinds of tracks…some kind of publication the general could use would be great. I guess we could just print it out but it isn’t as pretty. 🙂

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