A short while ago I emailed the manuscript of my speech for the Maywood Missionary Retreat, to be included in the book. I imagine that it will be available online in electronic format as well, perhaps next week. We’ll pass on the word as soon as we know something.

In the meantime, below are the five points I’ll be making from Philippians 1.

The missionary retreat theme is “mission work cooperation.” I thought Philippians a great book for that and drew my points from the first chapter.

  1. Encourage others with your trials (1:12-14).
  2. Leave the wrongly motivated alone (1:15-18).
  3. Pray for one another (1:18-20).
  4. Remain for them (1:21-26).
  5. Strive side by side (1:27-29).

Now, to work on the speech for the Shoals Mission Forum in Florence AL May 15. And two classes on the Holy Spirit for the Southern Illinois Preachers Retreat. (My US itinerary is here.)


What do you think?