On King David, the ark and construction

After my devotional this morning, I checked B.H. Carroll’s Interpretation of the English Bible, which I’d bought from sr. Andrade back in Belo Horizonte.

The reading was on David’s second and successful attempt to bring the ark of the covenant into Jerusalem.

Three quotes I found of interest in Carroll’s work.

… the Kohathites had to pick up the ark to carry it. In this case [when David put it on a cart] the law was violated, and God, in order to show that there must be reverence for sacred things, and that his precise commands must be carried out, made the bread on Uzzah.

As a good Baptist, Carroll probably would not have admitted that this principle carries over into the NT.

On the ark he says, “It was a good thing to have, but a bad thing to touch.”

As the author continues the narrative of the Davidic kingship, he attributes Psalm 30 to the moment of the building of David’s palace. Whether that is the exact moment may be debated, but this phrase of his was worth underlining: “whenever a blessing came, it brought immediately from him an expression of thanksgiving to God.”

Would that we all had such an immediate reaction.

J. Randal Matheny

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