On a slow Friday night

• Leila and a girl-friend of hers are off to the mall, the biggest one, to walk around and eat a snack. Vicki dropped them off, the girl’s dad will pick them up. They tell me this is a girl thing. I’d rather be on Mars.

• For days I’ve been searching for church websites to link to on the Hub. Somebody tell me where the good ones are hiding. Have written about it HERE.

• On the plaza next to the office, two motorcyclists held up a lady in a vehicle a few days ago. They followed her out of a bank. People and cars were scattering, so I’m told, to get away from the scene of the crime. I miss all the exciting stuff, fortunately. The ladies in the office underneath me are in a panic about it.

• Tuesday is a municipal holiday, anniversary of the city, and it looks like a lot of people took off this afternoon, planning to “kill” Monday for a long weekend. Streets are empty, and the mall, says Vicki, was well below its usual weekend level of madness.

• In the middle of two novels, keep losing interest. That’s unusual. Have done very little light reading in the past six months. Not much to read here at home either. It’s all been gone through before.

• Got hot today. We’ve had nice temps lately, not really cold like before. Was even tempted to turn on the fan at the office, but I survived. Vicki says it was drizzling when she went out earlier.

• Waiting around until 11 p.m. for an important call, a missions-related proposal. Do I, don’t I? Want to, yes, but when I think of time, my already full plate …

• Tomorrow the men and the women from SJCampos get together for their regular monthly meetings. Jorge and Paula are traveling, so it’ll be less them.

• Experimented with an audio recording this afternoon. “Superior Religion.” Not too bad of a job. Reckon there’s a future there?

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