Vicki just now threw away two of the pans, handle-less, that the Ashland MS church gave us 30 years ago, before we had a single kid. She got new pots and pans for Christmas. I bit my tongue as she took them up to the trash bin. The others, still with handles, she plans to give away. Those pans have cooked many a meal. They’re almost like family. Almost. Is that sentimental, or what?

Two major items written today: first, my Forthright Magazine editorial, “The Continuum of Time,” a year-end thought, and then my commentary on 1 Thessalonians 4, over on The Fellowship Room. A third item, if you count my UPLift poem, “In Gray and Gravid Swirls,” today on this site. Ah, and The Prayer of Christmas Past.

Humberto says we should have a baptism tomorrow, the fourth for SJCampos/Taubate this year. Grateful for that.

Yesterday, we had our Christmas meal for lunch; main dish, Mexican chicken. We were too full on Saturday, after the midnight supper at Paulo’s house on Christmas Eve, for such a big meal.

The WorldWideWeb turned 20 on Dec. 25. Imagine that. I got in around ’96, I think. My first email address was, thanks to a Brazilian brother who was an electronics engineer. And Mike Brown got me going with web pages. One of my first projects was a Portuguese-language ezine, “ImoNet.” I still make a stab at it now and again.

Most people think evangelism is inviting people to a meeting in the building to hear the preacher. Even then, one study — I just saw a mention of it, have no idea what group was polled — less than 2% invite outsiders to a church meeting. Preachers unconsciously reinforce that idea, just by their assumptions. Where’s the statistic that shows Christians inviting outsiders to study the Bible? That’s the one to see, and odds are it’s less than 1%. When was the last time you …

Mike Hughes sent me his PowerPoint presentation of his and Mary’s visit to Brazil. He reported last night to the Somers Avenue congregation where he serves as an elder. You can see it here in a cool presentation format.

I started the third of three novels I received for Christmas. Have to read them during holiday time, otherwise, I never get to them. One of them was not a thick book, OK?

What do you think?