Oh, my back

Arrived home Wednesday, about 12:30 p.m. A short nap, birthday supper of shepherd’s pie, sweet and sour carrots, and hummingbird cake.

Thursday, I rested (our family day).

Friday, I worked, or at least, tried to get started on putting the office in order, after the owner renovated my space. Unpacked some books.

Saturday, a muscle in my back locked up. I spent the day in bed.

Sunday, I missed church at SJC, made it to Taubaté and Guaratinguetá to teach. Back got better throughout the day. But Vicki still wouldn’t let me drive home.

Today, about the same as last night. But I drove to the office this morning, unpacked some more boxes, started on my to-do list.

So how did my back get bad? Anybody’s guess. The day after getting to the USA, I helped my dad move some construction material. My parents’ shower is out, requiring sitting and laying in a short tub. My MIL’s bed is bad, and I felt a slight pain two mornings after rising. A good bit of travel by car. Sleeping upright on an airplane, going; laying down (I got three seats empty!) on return. Emotional stress of getting son #2 in college. All of the above.

J. Randal Matheny

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