Why I was off the grid for four days

The explanation is simple. Last Thursday we arrived from Alabama at my mother-in-law’s house, where there’s no internet access. In the past, I’ve gone into town and used the wifi at the congregation’s offices (which I am doing now). During this visit, however, I chose not to do so, even though we had some updates that needed to be done, after moving our sites to a new hosting service.

Today, we head back to Country Music City for some grandkid time. Sunday next we’ll pop down south of Murfreesboro to make a report to the Beech Grove congregation, the latest to join with us in this work. There might be one other short trip to talk to a congregation about help. We’ll probably not wander far from our base at our son’s house.

The Missus and I are already thinking about how nice it will be to get back home to Brazil on Friday week.

Yesterday, the elders of the Iuka church had me to preach rather than report. Many were gracious in their comments afterwards about the lesson on Proverbs 9 and choices.

This congregation has been supporting us since we went to Brazil nearly 30 years ago. It’s the only one that has remained with us during the entire period. Their support over the years is cause for thanksgiving.

If during these final days of our time in the US you’d like to chat with us, call our cell phone, coordinated by The Missus, at 615-209-1003.

J. Randal Matheny

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