cold factsNumbers, for me, are merely cold and dead digits that I use when I need them, and then I drop them at the first opportunity. I have no desire to read the book, The Mystery of Numbers, a history of mathematics. For me, they represent a daily utility, nothing more.

Some people look at facts in the same way. They are what they are, nothing more.

Running to verify a report of the Master’s empty tomb, Peter and John check to see that it’s true. And, then, …

Then the disciples went back to their homes.
John 20:10 ESV

Peter and John looked into the empty grave. They believed in the Lord’s resurrection. They verified that the body was no longer where it had been laid. Nothing more to do now, except go home. In their minds, they had registered the fact, seen the cold rock, observed the emptiness, and perhaps went home to ponder its meaning.

Mary Magdalene, not understanding or knowing what to do, remained. In her confused doubt, she wound up meeting the Lord. She became a messenger to the others, with a word from Christ.

Might have the two disciples, practical men that they were, lost something of the mystery of the place, of the marvel of the moment? Might they have left a bit early?

However that may be, Jesus appears also to them, later. And they discover that the fact has meaning, the empty tomb was full of promise. The numbers are not cold, without mystery. The Lord comes and meets the needs of each one, wherever he is, in his condition of doubt or dead digits.


What do you think?