Of cars and lactose

Since Wednesday I’ve been detoxing and working on selling our car.

Twice to a pizzaria in one week will do it to a lactose-intolerant body. Not to mention churrasco, Brazilian-style all-you-can-eat meat restaurant. Plus fellowship lunch on Sunday. Ad nauseum. Don’t get me wrong, it was all tasty. But I’ve been seriously detoxing since Wednesday.

While at the same time running after red tape to close the deal on our car.  Maybe today, if all goes well.

This week the water pump went bad, so I had to replace it before trading the car. It couldn’t have waited a week to do that. Then I had to have the car inspected to make sure it wasn’t stolen and was in good shape. I have to take an authorization back to them this morning. Then to get my signatures stamped as genuine at the cartório downtown. Plus pull some money out of the bank to finish out the deposit I made yesterday. They wouldn’t take cash. When I set the bag of money on the salesman’s desk, he turned pale.

So off it is today.

Oh, and happy 4th to you americanos.

J. Randal Matheny

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