Obama Cites Christ on the Mount

By now you’ve heard about Obama’s creative hermeneutics in a speech given Sunday in Ohio. He makes the same argument as the progressives who pit Jesus’ words against the apostles who spoke after him by inspiration of the Spirit sent by their Lord.

So I drummed up this little poem in dishonor of the presidential candidate with the too glib tongue.

Obama Cites Christ on the Mount

by J. Randal Matheny

Obama cites Christ on the Mount,
And calls the Apostle obscure,
With one turned phrase he’d discount
God’s plan to make us pure.

He thinks the Bible’s not inspired,
Or else it would be clear;
He winks at what the Lord required —
God can’t be so severe.

Barack will promise gays full rights,
No matter what Paul wrote;
He’ll twist what Christ taught on the Heights
To guarantee their vote.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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