Now, the spiritual meaning

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Mike, that previous answer was the technical explanation. I’ve been doing some figuring, and now the spiritual meaning of all this has come to light.

As to why it happened today, August 6, 2005, I noted that on this day in history, in 1806, the Holy Roman Empire ended with the abdication of Emperor Francis II; in 1825, Bolivia declared its independence from Peru; and, in 1962, Jamaica gained its independence within the British Commonwealth.

What ALL these have in common is a separation of one thing from another.

Isn’t that weird, that such similar things would all happen on the same day in history?

Anyway, if you add those three dates you get a total of 5593. The two fives stand for 2005, doubled to show the special importance of this date. Subtract 9 from 3 and you get six, which is today’s date. Isn’t that scary?

And there’s more. In the three historic dates given above, they end in 6 – today’s date again; 5 – the final digit in 2005; and 2 – which August is the second month in the second half of this year.

Now everyone on the list say they received it July 22, when the author sent it. But the AUTHOR received it only today. Counting the number of days from the 22nd to today, we get 14. Subtract the number of historic dates and this monumentous event, making 4, from 14 and you get 10. Now subtract 10 from 22, the date the email was sent, and you get 12. Everybody knows that 12 is a symbolic number for the people of God, and since there are 352 groups members in this list as of today, when you divide that by the number four (the three historic dates above with this email separation) you get 88, which means that the world will end in 88 days, because the first journey around the world was done in that number of days.

So prepare yourselves friends, for the world will end on October 19th, 2005!

J. Randal Matheny

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