God's LoveNo one is indispensable, but to God each one is desirable, that is, he finds pleasure in all his children, even the least recognized and the most humble.

In the same way, your Father in heaven is not willing that one of these little ones be lost.
Matthew 18:14 NET

As the fourth major block of discourses, chapter 18 of the gospel of Matthew focuses on life in the Christian community. This life is ruled by the desires of the Father of all. His desire is that all be saved. So every effort is made to keep all within his divine grace.

With this in mind, and with the humility of a child (18:1-5), aware of the great weight of sin (18:6-9), Christians go all out to reclaim the brother who commits sin (18:15-17).

No one feels pleasure, to speak of, at following the procedure established by the Lord Jesus, of confronting a brother. But the community is motivated by the Father’s will not to lose anyone.

This is what takes us to the house of a brother in sin.

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