Not so sore

I’ve slept well every night since the accident. Probably the meds have helped. But last night I read the possible side-effects on the box; seems the cure might be worse than the malady. Anyway, I’m not as sore today. Yesterday, I stayed quiet at home, reread Marker‘s 600+ pages (by Robin Cook), got half-way through Edwin White’s, A Sense of Presence, for the second time. I kept moving from one chair to another then to the bed to keep my muscles from getting more sore.

This morning I left the car at the body shop recommended by my mechanic, from the choices given me by the insurance company. They were nice enough to drop me off at the office, so here I am, groggy from the meds, trying to see through the fog and get myself started today. That after I checked online and made some calls about rental cars.

We may be able to get a replacement car, maybe even on Friday, but it will be for seven days only. We have two kids to pick up from camp Saturday, Leila one of them, so if we can’t get the replacement car, I’ll have to rent something to pick them up.

And for the weekends traveling to the church meeting in Taubaté, we’ll also have to have wheels, so we may rent something just for weekend use and ride the bus during the week. Our area of town isn’t terribly well served by the bus lines, but it’s bearable.

The body shop said maybe we’d get the car back in 15 days, but my mechanic said the average is 30 and could stretch to 40. His shop is nearby so he promised to stop in there every couple of days to keep his eye on the progress.

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